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Deal Lead: Michelle Deaker


Incoming is an Australian Spin-out from the National ICT Association (NICTA).  Incoming enables Digital Media businesses to deliver Personalised HD Mobile Video, reaching a new generation of viewer whose smartphones and tablets are their "1st Screen". 

The company economically pushes the Mobile Video Content Distribution network all the way out to the mobile device utilising predictive pre-fetching of content. 

Mobile video is currently a multi-billion problem estimated to be 70% of a Mobile Carriers traffic in 2016. It's currently not working for users (who hate the 5 sec delay in start and buffering), content providers (who can't make money and are demanding a better experience) and mobile network operators (which cannot meet the demand). Incoming enables a new Mobile Content Network where smartphones and tablets are primary video devices.

Our Partnership

During the next 12 months, OneVentures will work with the Incoming team to complete product development and work towards more formal engagement with the telecommunications partners in current trials.