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OneVentures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Sydney, Australia that provides human and investment capital into high growth companies with a particular focus on transformative technologies.

The firm is particularly focused on opportunities originating in Australia which are poised to expand into the established and emerging global markets.

All of our Partners have founded, built and exited high-growth businesses.

Our goal is to be the leading Australian early stage venture capital company.

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About OneVentures

OneVentures invests in technology companies that serve or disrupt large high growth global markets. The firm has $140M in funds under management recently launching its new Innovation and Growth Fund II which is focused on growth and expansion stage technology companies.

OneVentures is managed by a team of Partners with a skill-set and track record ideally suited to collaboration with entrepreneurial management teams to foster growth and create value: a unique blend of highly successful entrepreneurs, technology business founders and corporate executives with a strong scientific pedigree, extensive off-shore experience and networks.

The OneVentures team is committed to deliver investor returns by applying this expertise to select portfolio companies with significant potential then accelerating their performance.


OneVentures Management Pty Ltd is a designate under OneVentures Nominees Pty Ltd's AFSL (Licence No: 462825) issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions, authorising the Manager to provide such financial services as the Manager provides during the course of its duties as manager of the Fund.

The OneVentures Team

All Partners have many years of C-level, board and investment experience. Coupled with this is a track record of identifying investment opportunities in global markets with strong international business backgrounds and networks. The OneVentures Investment team has 7 technology related higher degrees.

Dr Michelle Deaker

Dr Michelle Deaker
Managing Director and CEO

Dr Paul Kelly

Dr Paul Kelly
Partner and Managing Director

Anne-Marie Birkill

Anne-Marie Birkill
General Partner and Executive Director

Melissa Widner

Melissa Widner
Venture Partner

Daniel Gammell

Daniel Gammell
Investment Manager

Dr Amir Zalcenstein

Dr Amir Zalcenstein
Investment Manager, Healthcare

Helen Liu

Helen Liu
Chief Financial Officer

Jelly Jakob

Jelly Jakob


Innovation Fund (Fund I)

The OneVentures Innovation Fund is a $40M venture capital fund formed as an early stage venture capital Limited Partnership. This Fund was launched in 2010 with the Commonwealth Government committing $20M from its IIF programme and this funding matched by high net-worth wholesale investors.

Innovation and Growth Fund (Fund II)

The OneVentures Innovation and Growth Fund was launched in March 2014 with a target of $100M and has reached first close of $60M as of October 2014. Fund II is an early stage venture capital limited partnership backed entirely by Australian high net-worth wholesale investors.

Focusing on later stage (Series B and beyond) investments while still maintaining some investment activity in the earlier stage investments, Fund II is now screening investment opportunities where the experience of the OneVentures management team can be leveraged to accelerate value creation and company success.

We are currently looking for truly transformative companies to join our portfolio of innovative companies, if you think your company has what it takes, read our Application for Funding page and submit your application now.

Information for stakeholders interested in the Significant Investment Visa (SIV) Programme

Information for stakeholders interested in the Significant Investment Visa Programme can be found here.

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OneVentures Innovation Fund (Fund I)

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Latest News

  • How a pair of successful businesswomen helped connect others in proven start-ups

    by OneVentures Administrator | Aug 08, 2015

    Date: 8 August 2015
    Author: Claire Stewart
    Source: Financial Review

    As the 100 Women of Influence awards draws near, The Australian Financial Review asked two entrepreneurs​ to say what makes the other so capable.

    Asking a business person why they're good at their job is often difficult. Athletes can say they are fitter and faster, musicians that they are better interpreters than their cohorts. But for people running companies and founding start-ups, it can be tricky to articulate exactly why you are good at what you do.

    With nominations for the 100 Women of Influence awards closing this Sunday, The Australian Financial Review asked the chief executive of innovative manufacturing company PAFtec Australia, Alex Birrell, and her friend, Seattle-trained entrepreneur and venture capitalist Melissa Widner, what makes the other so capable and why they take pleasure in their respective success.

    Both helped create Heads Over Heels, an organisation connecting senior executives with proven start-ups run by women.

    Alex Birrell:

    Melissa [had only been] a few months in Australia when we met, trying to bury herself in the entrepreneurial/commercialisation scene in Sydney back when it was really in its very early stages.

    Melissa's a very successful, serial entrepreneur. One of the things she does extremely well is take in vast amounts of information, both details and big picture, and see it through for a commercial application or opportunity, then quickly translate that into the numbers. To see her working with the numbers, it's quite phenomenal.

    And she's extremely focused, so determined. When she's got something in her mind she just doesn't see any other path. It's wonderful to be part of that momentum, although there are lots of paths through to where you want to be, and Melissa will often take the straightest one … Everyone just stands back and watches!

    In Seattle she helped open a chapter for connecting women entrepreneurs to venture capital…and she found that the patterns of connections, who and how they get their referrals, is very important and very different to "networking". You need to be introduced to the right people. In the entrepreneurial world, the unconscious bias we see in the corporate world translates as "Do you have the guts to take this forward?" Most of the people investing are men, and so for them, they think, "Great business, but I can't see you as a CEO."

    Our biggest problem when Melissa, [co-founder and ex-McKinsey director] Janet Menzies and I go out to dinner is that we never stop talking over the top of each other. We could have three completely different topics running simultaneously. It's chaos. We always wonder how we ever create anything out of it. Our meetings … the lines of conversations floating and skimming around the room, bouncing off the walls. But that creative tension is a big part of it – we are very complementary in our skills and way of thinking. And it does speak to heterogeneity, how much that can benefit an organisation.

    Melissa Widner:

    I noticed Alex had a unique combination of being highly intelligent, very compassionate and very entrepreneurial. Those were the things that really attracted me to her, she's very "get it done". And she's calm under pressure, with a high tolerance for ambiguity, which is really important for an entrepreneur because in early stage companies there is so much you don't know and so much you can't control.

    With venture capital, it's a generalisation but women are maybe a bit more ready [than men] to admit what they don't know. That can sometimes hurt you, because as an entrepreneur you're supposed to be extremely confident, but I think as more women come through, the people on the other end of the pitch are starting to get used to it and think, "Well, this is a different style," rather than, "This isn't what a typical entrepreneur looks like."

    A few years ago, probably earlier in my career I would have said women should adapt to be more like their male counterparts. Now I don't think that any more. It's good to have different styles.

    Heads Over Heels was a completely back of the envelope idea when we started and Alex jumped straight in. She hadn't been an entrepreneur before, but through her experience with building it she became more courageous, saw more women starting and succeeding with business. She said those role models really gave her more courage to do it.

    Alex does juggling really well. We both had our last children in our 40s. So she took over the company and started Heads Over Heels while she was having her third child. When I was CEO of my two companies, I didn't have children. I look at that and think she's amazing. Then I kick myself for thinking it's amazing because no one would think it's amazing if a guy was CEO with three kids.

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For Entrepreneurs

We are now screening companies for OneVentures Fund II which is a Series A and beyond growth fund focusing on the technology sector. To qualify for funding, your company should meet the following criteria:

  • Australian domiciled company
  • We invest in technology companies from many sectors, but we are particularly interested in companies from the following sectors: healthcare, education, mobile, media, cloud computing and data, security and privacy, machine learning, software, sensors and robotics or food security
  • If a life sciences company, your product should have a strong proof of concept and be at a minimum, in a late stage clinical trial and/or well progressed through the regulatory process
  • If from another sector, your company should be generating sustainable revenue and have a strong market validation
  • Approaching profitability with capital required to fuel growth and global expansion

If you meet the above criteria, send us a brief document (a 2-page executive summary or introductory PowerPoint is sufficient, please do not send larger documents or full information memorandums at this stage) covering at a minimum the following points to

  • Summarize in 2 sentences what your company does (this is important)
  • Identify the market, value proposition and your competitive advantage
  • Tell us about your progress to date
  • State your revenue for the last financial year and projected revenue for current financial year
  • Indicate capital required and how it will be used
  • Include 3 point bios of each executive and contact details

We will review your proposal and endeavour to revert to you within 2 weeks. 


For Investors

Investor enquiries:

Information for stakeholders interested in the Significant Investment Visa (SIV) Programme

The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) programme was revised with the announcement in May 2015 of a new complying investment framework. The new framework mandated that SIV applicants would be required to invest a minimum of $500,000 at the at time of investment in an AusIndustry registered fund(s): that is, a VCLP, ESVCLP or an Australian VC fund-of-fund as registered under the Venture Capital Act 2002. The minimum amount is expected to be increased within two years as the market responds.

The Austrade website has more information regarding the programme available, including information sheets in English and Chinese.

The relevant regulations can be accessed here.

OneVentures is not at this time accepting new capital commitments and is therefore not in a position to receive funding from individual SIV applicants. When this situation changes we will provide details here and on the AVCAL website.

We are however receiving proposals from SIV Fund of Funds interested in becoming a OneVentures SIV partner for 2016 and beyond. If you represent a Fund of Funds and meet the following criteria we request you submit a brief proposal for our consideration.

Our criteria:

  • You should have a track record in servicing SIV applicants
  • You should have an established Australian AML/CTF KYC compliance framework that OneVentures can rely on in accepting SIV funding
  • You should be an AusIndustry compliant fund of funds structure – OneVentures will not accept direct investment from individual SIV applicants at this stage
  • You should have a fund of funds structure that can invest the capital for up to 10 years in line with our funding cycle

Your proposal should address those key criteria and provide information about:

  • The Directors
  • The Management Team
  • Your track record in providing SIV applicants with a return on investment
  • How you will ensure AML/CTF KYC compliance including details of any external providers that support this process
  • Details of any relevant reporting and financial operational requirements we should consider
  • Your ability to source capital and the % of SIV market you currently hold/expected quantum of capital you would be looking to deploy p.a. to VC

We plan to work with up to 3 such partners only and will determine the parties with whom we wish to progress discussions by December 2015.


General Enquiries

General enquiries:
Telephone: +61 2 8205 7379


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For Media Enquiries

For an interview with a OneVentures' spokesperson, please contact Honner Media at +61 2 8248 3744.