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OneVentures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Sydney, Australia that provides human and investment capital into high growth companies with a particular focus on transformative technologies.

The firm is particularly focused on opportunities originating in Australia which are poised to expand into the established and emerging global markets.

All of our Partners have founded, built and exited high-growth businesses.

Our goal is to be the leading Australian early stage venture capital company.

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About OneVentures

OneVentures is a venture capital firm that invests in emerging Australian technology companies with true breakout potential, differentiated technology and compelling business models in the healthcare, education, mobile, media, cloud computing and data, security and privacy, machine learning, sensors and robotics, and food security sectors.

OneVentures is managed by a team of Partners with a skill-set and track record ideally suited to collaboration with entrepreneurial management teams to foster growth and create value: a unique blend of highly successful entrepreneurs, technology business founders and corporate executives with a strong scientific pedigree, extensive off-shore experience and networks.

The OneVentures team is committed to deliver investor returns by applying this expertise to select portfolio companies with significant potential then accelerating their performance.


OneVentures Management Pty Ltd is a designate under OneVentures Nominees Pty Ltd's AFSL (Licence No: 462825) issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions, authorising the Manager to provide such financial services as the Manager provides during the course of its duties as manager of the Fund.

The OneVentures Team

All Partners have many years of C-level, board and investment experience. Coupled with this is a track record of identifying investment opportunities in global markets with strong international business backgrounds and networks. The OneVentures Investment team has 7 technology related higher degrees.

Dr Michelle Deaker

Dr Michelle Deaker
Managing Director and CEO

Dr Paul Kelly

Dr Paul Kelly
Partner and Managing Director

Anne-Marie Birkill

Anne-Marie Birkill
General Partner and Executive Director

Dean Hawkins

Dean Hawkins
Managing Partner

Daniel Gammell

Daniel Gammell
Investment Manager

Michelle Wee

Michelle Wee
Marketing and Communications

Helen Liu

Helen Liu
Chief Financial Officer

Jelly Jakob

Jelly Jakob


Innovation Fund (Fund I)

The OneVentures Innovation Fund is a $40M venture capital fund formed as an early stage venture capital Limited Partnership. This Fund was launched in 2010 with the Commonwealth Government committing $20M from its IIF programme and this funding matched by high net-worth wholesale investors.

Innovation and Growth Fund (Fund II)

The OneVentures Innovation and Growth Fund was launched in March 2014 with a target of $100M and has reached first close of $60M as of October 2014. Fund II is an early stage venture capital limited partnership backed entirely by Australian high net-worth wholesale investors.

Focusing on later stage (Series B and beyond) investments while still maintaining some investment activity in the earlier stage investments, Fund II is now screening investment opportunities where the experience of the OneVentures management team can be leveraged to accelerate value creation and company success.

We are currently looking for truly transformative companies to join our portfolio of innovative companies, if you think your company has what it takes, read our Application for Funding page and submit your application now.

Investment Portfolio

OneVentures Innovation Fund (Fund I)

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Latest News

  • Replacing vaccine needles with tens of thousands of drug-laced pins that won’t hurt a bit

    by OneVentures Administrator | Nov 19, 2014

    Date: 17 November, 2014
    Source: Fast Company
    Author: Ben Schiller

    In the future, vaccines won't require a shot—and won't even need to be refrigerated.

    If you're someone who hates injections, you'll like the next generation of vaccine delivery devices because they don't look anything like needles and, apparently, they don't hurt a bit. Take the Nanopatch, being developed by an Australian company called Vaxxas. Instead of a single spike, it's covered in tens of thousands of tiny drug-laced pins. It's designed to be pressed against the skin and barely make it through the surface.

    Comfort level isn't the most interesting aspect, though. More important is that the patch is ready to use and requires no refrigeration. That means it could be useful in parts of the world where cold storage isn't reliable.

    Moreover, the Nanopatch won't cause "needle stick" injuries, according to Vaxxas CEO David Hoey (where nurses accidentally get pricked with needles). Pressing a finger against the "micro-protusions" isn't enough to break through; you need a spring-loaded applicator to make an impression. Hoey compares the texture to sandpaper and he says the pins are so small you can't identify them with the naked eye.

    Vaxxas recently received funding from the World Health Organization(WHO) to take its product through the next stage of clinical trials. The WHO is interested in the patch to prevent polio, a disease recently on the upswing after years of abeyance. "It's hard to keep liquid vaccines refrigerated at the best of times in the developing world, but in regions where polio is re-emerging, like the tribal regions of Afghanistan and Northern Nigeria, it's very hard," Hoey says. Other conflict-ridden countries, like Syria and Pakistan, have also seen outbreaks recently. 

    The Nanopatch, though not commercially available yet, likely won't require professional delivery. The patch comes in a foil-wrapped plastic casing. You just need to press and snap the spring to make it work. Hoey says it needs between 15 seconds and two minutes to administer the correct dose.

    The pins are designed to reach the skin's dermis—the layer between the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue—which contains millions of threat-detecting cells. "The benefit is that you're able to produce a much stronger immune response per unit dose of vaccine [compared to a traditional injection]," Hoey says.

    Vaxxas claims the patch could reduce vaccine costs by lowering the dose needed and cutting the need for repeat vaccinations for certain diseases. At the moment, certain populations need relatively high amounts of vaccine to produce a response—say, the elderly getting flu shots.

    All being well, Hoey expects the patch, which Vaxxas is now commercializing from an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to be on the market by 2018. For several reasons, it sounds like something worth waiting for.

    Read the full article here

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For Entrepreneurs

Think you have what it takes to join the OneVentures portfolio of companies? Then send one or two pages covering the following to

  • 3 point bios of each executive
  • The problem being addressed
  • The market, the value proposition and your competitive advantage
  • Your progress to date
  • Revenue for last financial year
  • Projected revenue for current financial year
  • Capital required
  • What the capital will be used for
  • Don't forget to include details on how we can contact you

OneVentures focuses on understanding the product attributes, the market, the team, the competition and the stage of maturity of the product.

On receipt of your proposal, it will be reviewed by the OneVentures Partners. Although we receive a great many proposals each week, we endeavour to respond by email to submissions and let you know the Partners' level of interest within two weeks.

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For an interview with a OneVentures' spokesperson, please contact Honner Media at or call +61 2 8248 3744.